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  1. Decide what size image you would like featured on your website.
  2. If you maintain your own website:
    1. Right click on the image below and choose save as, and save it to the source directory in your Website where the page is that you want to show the logo and link. If you save the image in a different directory, you will have to modify the path in the code below.
    2. Highlight the text beside the corresponding image, then Right-Click and select 'Copy' (or simply press Ctrl+C)
    3. Place your curser in your website source code where you would like the image to be displayed and Right-Click and select 'Paste' (or simply press Ctrl+V).
  3. Or if you have someone else maintain your Website:
    1. Select 'Save Picture As' and save to your computer, remembering where you saved it.
    2. Select the corresponding text below, right click and choose 'Copy'.
    3. Paste the text into an email. ( Right-Click in the Email body and select 'Paste' (or simply press Ctrl+V).)
    4. Attach the image file to the email.
    5. Send the email to the person who takes care of your Website development with instructions on where to place it on the page.
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165 x 75

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300 x 135

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500 x 225

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